Portable Sound Systems


sound that travels.

Wherever you go, our portable sound systems are designed to go too. Gym. Studio. Poolside. Courtside. Exhibition. Conference. Even outdoors for special events and promotions.

With a battery life of up to 12 hours, and suitable for use in wet environments, they offer the convenience and versatility you’re looking for. No need for cables or hunting down the nearest plug points. Simply connect to your iPod or MP3, or insert your CD, and you’re ready to go.

Small in size

Compact and lightweight, our portable sound systems are as easy to carry as they are simple to use and care for. And each comes with its own robust protective case for added durability.

Big on sound

Our portable systems may be compact but they’re big on sound. Think two-way speaker, radio microphone, amplifier, mixer and digital controller – small details that add up to a crisp, clear, uncompromising sound.

They also come with the option for automatic speech filter and feedback minimisation capability, guaranteeing you unbeatable performance at all volume levels.

Let hutchison-t show you what’s possible.